2014 BPAA Women’s All-Star – Stepladder Finals

Watch the stepladder finals at the 2014 BPAA Women's All-Star featuring No. 1 Shannon Pluhowksy, No. 2 Diana Zavjalova, No. 3 Liz Johnson, No. 4. Shannon O'Keefe and No. 5 Kelly Kulick.

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19 Comments on “2014 BPAA Women’s All-Star – Stepladder Finals”

  1. Why do some women bowlers like Diana and Shannon, when they start to get up to the approach, wipe and pull the bottom of their left shoe with their left hand, both are right handed so I don’t see the point, kind of annoying because they do it each time?

    1. Just to get anything off the bottom of their shoe and they use their left hand probably because they don’t want to get anything on their bowling hand right before they throw the ball

  2. I enjoyed watching. Having gotten used to watching bowling on ESPN and now nothing, BowlTV has continue to fuel my love for the sport by keeping the sport of watching bowling alive. All of the women are phenomenal.

  3. Shannon O’Keefe is in my opinion the most solid-at-the-line female bowler…so smooth and sexy

  4. It’s a pity to see KK found her line too late. SO is solid in the first stepped-ladder match. Good to see the pros how do handle this tough conditions.

    1. She was bowling on a PBA pattern. very difficult (i know from experience) 

      you bowl on a house pattern, that’s why

    2. If you’re only 14 and don’t bowl, how can you possibly state that you can get a better score than any of these women?

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