2014 PBA Chameleon Championship Finals (WSOB VI)

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The 2014 PBA Chameleon Championship, originally aired December 28, 2014, features D.J. Archer, Ronnie Russell, Sean Rash and J.R. Raymond.

From South Point Bowling Plaza at World Series of Bowling VI.

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30 Comments on “2014 PBA Chameleon Championship Finals (WSOB VI)”

  1. Great tournament; congrats Ronnie Russel on 300. That 11th strike is the perfect reason why I love messengers in bowling. SOOOO AWESOME!

  2. Well, they already gave it away 4 days ago by posting the “DJ Archer Tries for First Title” video…FFS PBA – wait until after we’ve seen the tournament before posting the results.

  3. Is this the chameleon pattern that is 43 feet in length, similar to the regional tour chameleon? Let me know

  4. LOL @ Ronnie saying he got lucky a ” few times “. More like 5-6 times.

    And R.I.P to D.J’s mother. It was definitely a well-deserved win.

    1. Yeah some of them shouldn’t have been like a split or something she’s just lucky on most of them I mean he’s lucky and most of it

  5. I’ve never understood Ronnie’s second arm swing after he releases it. It’s annoying asf.

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