2014 PBA League Elias Cup Finals – L.A. X vs. Silver Lake Atom Splitters

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The championship match of the 2014 PBA League Elias Cup on ESPN, featuring the L.A. X vs. the Silver Lake Atom Splitters.

Originally aired April 13, 2014 from Brunswick Zone Carolier in North Brunswick, New Jersey.

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21 Comments on “2014 PBA League Elias Cup Finals – L.A. X vs. Silver Lake Atom Splitters”

  1. LAX should have taken full advantage on the right lane when slk struggle on the left. After the lane swap, you can see slk took full advantage while lax’s turn to struggle

  2. Randy please!  I heart you man, but you’ve got to get off Belmo’s jock.  His power isn’t nearly as impressive as his touch.  Osku and Ciminelli have WAY more “power”.  I understand Belmo’s the reigning PotY, and you have to promote him, but crikes, find something else to say.

  3. Where is Jackie Bowling? I have seen her sitting behind the bowlers in every League show so far but this one. Are they going to brig her back, or is being left on the sidelines?

  4. I would’ve been fine with the Atom Splitters winning if they didn’t have Wes “I cry like a girl” Malott. Most overrated player I’ve ever seen.

  5. is it me, or does the triples match not do anything but eat up the lane more? unless a team takes both the single and double.

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