2014 PBA Scorpion Championship Finals (WSOB VI)

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The 2014 PBA Scorpion Championship, originally aired January 4, 2015, features Michael Haugen, Jr., Scott Newell, Martin Larsen and Tom Hess.

From South Point Bowling Plaza at World Series of Bowling VI.

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28 Comments on “2014 PBA Scorpion Championship Finals (WSOB VI)”

  1. Very happy that you guys are posting these. Love the sport and played it longer than anything else I’ve tried. This is the only way I can see the PBA. Thank you!

    1. me too I love bowling (BTW I’m 10 plzzz don’t get mad) My ball is an 8 pound Storm MIX that I got about a year ago. What’s your favorite oil pattern and bowler? To be honest mine are the Shark oil pattern and my favorite bowler is Jason Belmonte.

    2. @Golden Freddy
      No one will be getting mad at you here young man. Keep up your bowling!

      Big Wes Mallot has been a favorite of mine for a while. We have similarities in size and I really look up to him.

      I like short oil patterns and still bowl with a 6 year old 16lb Virtual Gravity and still manage decent scores with it.

  2. Class act Michael. Great bowling, and great proposal. Thanks for getting the trophy with the MOTIV jersey on too.

  3. just saw witness to blasphemy at 28:31 metallica and iron maiden took a back seat to nickelback. also nickelback is liked??

  4. I’ve been bowling since I was two I’ve always used a 10 pound ball I bowl two handed but I used to bowl one my high game is a 212 I bowl best on the house pattern one the inside part of the lane with a plastic ball and throw it right at the head pin

  5. Looks like Michael Haugen Jr uses a strange variation of the fingertip grip with a short span. Never noticed that.

    1. I haven’t seen the grip yet (commenting before watching the video, I know… blasphemy) but my friend back in junion bowling had such a high rev rate that the pro shop owner suggested something called the claw grip (I think… It’s been a long time)

      Ehhhh, it looks like a variation of the grip I remember. It’s certainly not because of his rev rate. It looks like the middle finger and ring finger are tilted a bit, also, it looks like he doesn’t use a fingertip grip. Interesting, indeed.

  6. no matter if he lost the tournament or not I would still go for the Greek church. it is very hard to leave it.

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