2014 PBA50 Pasco County Open Title Match – Norm Duke vs. Amleto Monacelli

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PBA Hall of Famers Norm Duke vs. Amleto Monacelli in the championship match of the PBA50 Pasco County Open at Lane-Glo Bowl in New Port Richey, Fla. April 15, 2014.

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19 Comments on “2014 PBA50 Pasco County Open Title Match – Norm Duke vs. Amleto Monacelli”

  1. Final 3 frames from Lane Glo Blow! Norm Duke probably would’ve called it that too at that moment lmao.

  2. These are just 2 of the guys I loved to watch on those Saturday afternoons. I’m very happy to be able to follow these guys because I still love watching them. don’t stop bring them to us on Youtube.

  3. I love Amleto’s game.I’m amazed he can still roll the way he does.I’da thought his wrist and shoulder would have given out by now.

    1. Yes it is! Love wood lanes, lots of friction compared to synthetic. Of course, you gotta watch the loft shots; lofting the ball too much can actually dent the lane if it’s wooden. Not if it’s synthetic, though.

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