2014 Suncoast PBA Senior U.S. Open Title Match – Norm Duke vs. Pete Weber

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Norm Duke takes on Pete Weber as both try to become the first bowler ever to win both a U.S. Open and Senior U.S. Open title. From Suncoast Bowling Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hosted by Mike J. Laneside, Randy Pedersen and Jason Thomas.

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16 Comments on “2014 Suncoast PBA Senior U.S. Open Title Match – Norm Duke vs. Pete Weber”

  1. you did it again “IDOL” Norm Duke.. Congratulation..
    i really admire Weber but sometimes i don’t like his attitude during the match, Duke is a very cool guy…. never seen him getting mad or complain..

  2. You know…  I thought Randy could make it through a whole telecast with PDW on the show without saying “who do you think you are, I am.” but I was wrong…  Lets beat that dead horse some more baby.  Come on everybody, whack away!

  3. 1. I thank the PBA for maikng this PBA50 match available on YouTube. I wholeheartedly concur with this decision.
    2. Is this the future of bowling? All pro bowling events on YouTube, nothing on cable or anywhere else? At least PDW won’t have to wear sunglasses.

  4. why didnt pete go straighter? he clearly couldnt get consistent shots on the line he was playing 

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