2014 USBC Masters: A Look at Match Play

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A quick look at the many styles and strategies as BowlTV shows you all 64 bowlers who made match play at the 2014 USBC Masters.

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29 Comments on “2014 USBC Masters: A Look at Match Play”

    1. Of course it’ll be harder when you don’t have 5 boards left and right to miss. But there are ways to make any pattern you bowl on apart from house shots easy.

  1. This is great footage… but are these guys really bowling with that loud, obnoxious, repetitive “music” constantly playing? I assume not. Having said that, it’s VERY annoying while trying to watch them in these clips!!

  2. The title should be changed from “2014 USBC Masters: A Look at Match Play” to “A whole bunch of people throw the ball but we give no clue as to who is bowling whom”

    1. His nickname is Joey Pants lol… Bowls at Penndel In Pennsylvania where he runs the proshop.. I think he has a sponsorship with them.. He has been stuck in regionals for a long time.. search his name on youtube and he wears these pants in every tournament.

  3. that Novak guy has the ugliest/weirdest approach I’ve ever seen!  What works works but man that looks like it could tear apart his arm!

  4. It’s cool going back and watching these videos because I realized john Wilbur one of the two people who shot 900 in 2019 competed in this

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