2014 USBC Masters – Squad B highlights

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Take a look at the different styles of bowlers on the B Squad at the 2014 United States Bowling Congress Masters, being held at the 82-lane Brunswick Zone Carolier in North Brunswick, N.J.

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16 Comments on “2014 USBC Masters – Squad B highlights”

  1. This squad has a great mix of future stars like Marshall Kent, EJ Tackett, Kamron Doyle, Kyle King, Geoffrey Young, Matt Gasn, Cameron Weier and Greg Young Jr. As well as legends like Johnny Petrgala, Amletto Monacelli, Bob Learn Jr., and Walter Ray Williams Jr.

    1. And Bryan Goebel right after Johnny P. Bryan has been around a while too.
      Gotta love the trip 4-9 Amleto got

  2. how do you even get into one of these events? is i just paying an entree fee like a standard competition or are there certain requirements? Β 

    1. charger04driver I’ve actually beat him in a local king of the hill tourney years ago. Felt amazing lol he’s incredible.

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