2014 USBC Senior Masters – Stepladder Finals

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Watch the stepladder finals at the 2014 USBC Senior Masters. No. 1 seed Jack Jurek, No. 2 seed Walter Ray Williams Jr., No. 3 seed Pete Weber, No. 4 seed Amleto Monacelli and No. 5 seed Mike Edwards.

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32 Comments on “2014 USBC Senior Masters – Stepladder Finals”

  1. OMG walter ray MISSING a 10 pin? Thats more rare than watching walter ray hitting perfect games and winning championships.

    And…. thats a compliment 🙂

    1. @MrNlwt Do it better!
      My highest game was 236 pins and i dont practice so much in a month, he have his own way to bowl and i have mine, so let him bowl however he want. Sorra for my english im come from germany.

  2. after watching this shows me that everything evens out. Remember when the time WRW needed a strike to win, 9 to tie and rolled a pocket shot to leave 8-10 and lose the match by 1?  i think it was PA who still laugh about it

  3. That Edwards fellow does some serious twerking.  Bowlers who take an inordinate amount of time before they finally make their approach delay the game and are rather annoying.  That may even work to Edwards’ advantage in that it can be a detractor for the other bowlers.

    1. Being an avid bowler, and in that i bowl every week on 2 leagues, i always stop before the shot and shake my arm for a couple seconds to get my hand to feel comfortable  inside the ball

    2. I totally agree. I just joined my first senior league and some of the real slow players are throwing my rhythm off completely.

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