2014 World Bowling Tour Finals

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The 2014 WBT Finals, presented by PBA, originally aired on January 25, 2015, features Mika Koivuniemi, Sean Rash, Jason Belmonte, Kelly Kulick, Sandra Andersson and Liz Johnson.

From South Point Bowling Plaza at World Series of Bowling VI.

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24 Comments on “2014 World Bowling Tour Finals”

  1. I really hope they will not stick to this scoring system, it’s not as exciting as the regular one. That being said – one mistake might not cost you huge lead, and one solid 9 pin will not make that much of a difference depending on whether it is in 1st frame or in 10th frame. But still – not a fan of this new system.

  2. I feel like this is just so unbelievably slow and boring, it just doesn’t hold me the same as traditional scoring does

  3. they might as well be bowling no tap. It may be more simple to understand but the excitement is more simple too. Bowling was never a strike fest sometimes it was a grind and the one who had the better mental focus, heart and sometimes luck came out the champion. Those are the best bowling stories

  4. This new scoring system is boring as hell. And in the comments below I cant find anything positive about it. Quit trying to come up with a magic gimmick and get back to the integrity and respect of the sport. It should be promoted as a solid, prestige sport. Not something to be experimented with in desperation. I really hope the PBA takes notice of all of our comments. We are bowlers. We don’t like it.

    1. @MPAH1981 Agreed. Sports have their designated scoring systems. The only successful deviation from it that I’ve seen would be the Memorial PGA Tournament where they score a little differently for eagles, birdies, pars, and so on. But even then, that’s a sum of all shots on that one hole. I mean, a deviation of that in bowling would be something like totaling all frames in a +/- system; like each strike is 3 points, each spare is 1 point, and each open is -1 point based on how many pins are left after the 2nd shot (so if I throw a big 4, then pick off 2, I lose 2 points). So, a “perfect game” would be 36 points.

      Match games could actually be a little more exciting, because you’re not taking away the skill levels of the bowlers since they still have to strike and spare, you’re just tallying up the total number of the entire game, not just one frame, and using that score instead of the traditional method.

      Example game:
      Bowler A: X X / / / X X X 72 51 = 13 points

      The open frames: frame 9, bowler leaves a 7-count, picks off 2 = -1 point (1 pin left standing)
      frame 10, bowler leaves 5 count, picks off 1 = -4 points (4 pins left standing) 
      Xs = 15 (5 strikes @ 3pts each)
      /s = 3 (3 spares @ 1pt each)
      Os = 2 (-1 for the 7-2; -4 for the 5-1)
      15 + 3 – 5 = 13

      Thoughts on this approach if there were ever a simplistic form of alternative-scored bowling for gimmick events?

  5. I liked when they went city to city for like a 30 week season. Now it’s like the world series a few overseas and the majors and thats it. I get with the world series the idea is to have the best around the world come to this, but it has cut out so many tournaments. 

  6. Sandra was robbed in that match, she had owned Liz the whole match, the only time she wasnt great was in the 10th, understandable when the match was on the line, but in hindsight she shouldve had that match won

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