2014 World Men’s Championships – Singles Medal Round

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Watch the singles medal round at the 2014 World Bowling Men's Championships from Abu Dhabi, UAE. Results and live scoring here:

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14 Comments on “2014 World Men’s Championships – Singles Medal Round”

    1. Then use a lighter ball…only contact sports use stuff like this. It will cut down on REVs but it also is way to repeat shot after shot…WHICH is cheating.

    2. Anyone can use a wrist brace while they bowl, their choice.  Way too many factors in bowling to make wrist position, after as much practice as these guys have, quite negligible.

    3. your crazy…there are aids in golf that would allow golfers with “misses” that could use a brace to stop them from making mistakes.

  1. Congrats to Dan the man. I’ve watched u grind ur way thru the PBA but this has to be such a satisfying victory. I bowl with ppl who know u well and I cheer u on every time u make finals on tv, but thanks for representing Canada to the fullest. U r so talented and I look forward to watching u dominate the field. I hope Buffa is another guy that can help Canada raise the bar in bowling. Cheers Dan u give a lot of dudes hope thanks for ur solid bowling n proving Canada won’t lay down in this sport

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