2014 World Men’s Championships – Trios Medal Round

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Watch the trios medal round at the 2014 World Bowling Men's Championships from Abu Dhabi, UAE. Results and live scoring here:

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22 Comments on “2014 World Men’s Championships – Trios Medal Round”

    1. I know this isnt the PBA, but at onetime PBA players couldnt used plugged stuff. Again I get this isnt the PBA…was hoping a PBA guy would answer

  1. I miss the camera angles from 2013. The team finals and semi finals from that year are the matches i have watched the most on youtube. I still watch it from time to time. I just prefer to be able to see the whole lane and the ball movement and the entire team reaction. Not an extreme closeup and some sideview and some following the ball. I am very grateful that bowlTV makes this available to us but please give us the old camera angles.

    1. @Orang Africano don’t get all work up for that. If you don’t understand the type of game this is. It is a trio which is a team event that consist of 3 people bowling in a team. Each individual will need to bowl for their own score which will be totaled up to 900 which is 300 for each bowler. Since it is a team event there must be 3 bowler bowling. 3 person must take part to be qualified to play in the event. That is if that was your question. If your question was why didn’t belmo strike all. Then that is a silly question

  2. camera angle… its like you would show a tennis match from the side.. 
    that hurts my heart.. what a great match anyways.. 

  3. Ever since lockdown I’ve been watching and hearing the pins fall before I sleep it helps me be calm

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