2014 World Youth – Boys Team Medal Round

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Watch the boys team medal round at the 2014 World Bowling Youth Championships. For results and more, click here:

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20 Comments on “2014 World Youth – Boys Team Medal Round”

  1. I’m so glad England lost , I couldn’t take another game of the dang noise makers from their cheering section. It was also very disrespectful to the other bowlers IMO. The clapping and cheering is fine , but , when they go on with the noise makers when other bowlers are delivering their shots it had to been very distracting and the poor Japan bowlers were victims of the noise makers most of the time. MAN Malaysia put together a beast of a team , very nice. Nice job USA!!

    1. Thanks man, yeahh it was so disrespectful. To be honest they need to noise maker to be banned from entering the bowling tournament or else their national team will disqualified. 

    2. @Shebi TV quit bitching . They had a two lane courtesy . There was no distraction. If other teams can’t handle it they shouldn’t be there

  2. Question for you all, hopefully someone sees this. I bowl here and there on local alleys. I’ve watched several of these videos and a common pattern im seeing with these team tournaments is if one person shoots a ball and doesn’t get a strike. They next guy in line attempts it. How come they use this style of format? And how this style of bowling accomplish anything? I’m new to this “style” of tournament play and would like to know more about it please. Thank you.

    1. It gets bowling done quicker if you happen to get a strike, even if they don’t it’s still a lot quicker with 2 people going rapidly, even 3 sometimes

  3. Here is the problem.. In any other sport there us no such thing as be silent besides golf.. that’s the problem with the sport today.. everyone complains about something.. it’s nosey.. The shot.. something.. If we want bowling to be recognized as a true real sport.. we have to accept what that brings.. even if that’s a horn.. second.. If these are the elite youngsters of every country for bowling.. noise shouldn’t be an issue.. they did bowl through qualifying.. it’s noise there.. leagues there us noise.. we can’t complain if we really want bowling to be seen as a sport to others outside the bowling community

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