2014 World Youth – Masters Medal Round

Watch the Masters medal round at the 2014 World Bowling Youth Championships. For results and more, click here:

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27 Comments on “2014 World Youth – Masters Medal Round”

  1. I appreciate the streaming, but have to watch with the volume turned down because these announcers are the absolute worst

  2. Great streaming, but you could post the scores on the screen constantly during the match. Specially showing the difference between players’ pinfall. Thanks again, awesome job!

  3. nice coverage, but why am I watching some random people standing around while there are people bowling? Camera guy have ADD or something?

    1. I liked it when the camera was in a fixed position, if you looked at their other videos, you’ll see what I mean.

  4. Interesting hair choice from the ukraine girl. I guess shes going for a, bangs also double as a mini umbrella sort of style?

  5. @Jay Hall Oh, are you guys bowling on 2 different but equally difficult oil patterns at the same time? What? You are bowling on the house pattern which is the easiest pattern that exists? congrats.

    1. Please tell me that you at least bowl a 200, because if you don’t, you have no authority to say that they had an easy time…

  6. is it just me or does “Doyle” look like a “Doyle”? He is definitely a Doyle. I’d punch him back in middle school.

  7. Why are most of you saying “oh I can beat that any day”? Yeah you can at league on a house shot. They’re bowling on 2 different patterns. One short and one long. I bet if you bowled these kids on a house shot, you’d get wrecked real fast. And by the way, the short pattern was 30 feet and the long was 49 feet.

    1. @Noah Hayes that would be super annoying. i wonder why the do that. It should just be one oil pattern on all the lanes for a tournament and only change it for other tournaments. Or it should atleast be the same oil pattern for a whole game instead of adjusting every other frame.

    2. Mr. Unpopular Opinion well you see, its not easy for some bowlers to repeat every single shot the exact same way.

    1. This Bowling Center looks amazing, I live in the Philippines and I wish we have more of these Fancy Brunswick Bowling Centers here than Crappy Standard AMF Bowling Centers.

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