2015 Barbasol PBA Tournament of Champions Finals

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The 2015 Barbasol PBA Tournament of Champions, originally aired live on February 15, 2015, features Rhino Page, Jason Belmonte, Ryan Ciminelli, Sean Rash and Scott Norton.

From Woodland Bowl in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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28 Comments on “2015 Barbasol PBA Tournament of Champions Finals”

  1. Oh my word what on earth happened to Belmoes fingers. It’s as if they just came out of a meat grinder

  2. “gargles peanut butter and blows bubbles with beef jerkey… look at that. This is just a bad mammal” LMAO

  3. something i noticed is Rash also put his towel on ball rack (on top of balls even) and yet Pete Weber complained about Belmo doing that in USBC Masters (and Belmo didn’t even put on top of Weber’s ball then.. just on the ball rack and it touched Weber’s ball).. seems like Weber was just a sore loser and just using that as an excuse

    1. WeBer does not a wipes his ball af hedoes not, want to get less oil on his bowlingball, thats why he complained.

  4. people will always say someone isn’t the best even if they are the best right now if the player isn’t who they route for. but it doesn’t matter belmo is by far the best on tour right now and when he is done he will be one of the best ever

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