2015 Junior Gold – A look at the boys field

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BowlTV takes a look at some of the boys in the field at the 2015 Junior Gold Championships presented by Storm, Roto Grip and Master. For more information on the event, visit

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37 Comments on “2015 Junior Gold – A look at the boys field”

    1. I went to junior gold this past summer in Indianapolis and I was amazed by how many people didn’t seem to know what they were doing and just trying to rev it as much as possible. It was sad

    2. ZeXaLTAS Well if that’s the case then I might do pretty good lol. I got a low rev rate and play a much straighter line than most.

    3. jeffro1265 some of that is just entry angle. Plus, 15lb is better than 16. With 16 you lose a lot of reaction out of the ball

  1. Bowled a jg qualifier earlier this year with my boy Jake Kramer (bowl high school and league with him) and against mitch hanson.

  2. I always loved watching two handers rip it down the lanes and get strikes always thought that was cool. I bowl myself but don’t know how to bowl two handed.

    1. Biker Bowler94 I hear ya. Two-handed bowling is cool and looks cool, but a lot of times I find them leaving behind splits they can’t pick up. As a stroker with a much lower rev rate, I envy two-handed bowlers. Especially when the lanes are soaked. In the end, each style has pros and cons I guess…..

  3. What ever happened to just going out there and having fun. Not Trying to bowl harder then you can do.

  4. As a official Two handed bowler I do want to say that you have more control throwing good shots to handed then one.

    1. Biker Bowler94 not true with 2 handed u must train more, i am an 200 player and 1 handed i bowl 4 years now and with 1 handed u have much more lines u can throw so more angles and control
      Dont hate 1handed players

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