2015 PBA Chameleon Championship Finals (WSOB VII)

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Jesper Svensson takes on Stu Williams in one semifinal match while Pascal Winternheimer duels Thomas Larsen in the other. The winners bowl for the 2015 PBA Chameleon Championship.

Originally aired January 3, 2016 on ESPN from the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nevada.

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38 Comments on “2015 PBA Chameleon Championship Finals (WSOB VII)”

  1. Man, I remember seeing Jesper in the 2014 world youth tournament . He was destroying the rack, just like here. There was no messengers. Just all 10 flying back. Dudes power is insane!!!!

  2. Anybody else notice that Larsen and Winternheimer are using the same balls? (Larsen: Warrior Elite for first ball – Paradox for second) (Winternheimer: Paradox for first ball – Warrior Elite for second)

    1. They are using them for their spares. Don’t mind that but it just seems ironic that they are using the same ball that the other is using for their strike ball.

    1. A Lot Of Changes Happened With All The Oil Patterns. Plus There Is No Reason To Talk Like This

    2. GalaxyGaming145 //HD they all changed to do exactly what they did before and react the same but to fit today’s equipment

  3. I thought something was weird about Svensson, and I realized that he is the only left handed double hand bowler I have ever seen, and I have faced many league teams in my young days

  4. This telecast just shows that compared to the common misbelief, it ain’t neccesary to have a huge backswing to achieve a strike. My release is very similar to that of Walter Ray Williams Jr.

  5. Jesper Svensson: 245
    Stuart Williams: 188

    Pascal Winternheimer: 235
    Thomas Larsen: 216

    Jesper Svensson: 267
    Pascel Winternheimer: 193

    Svensson Wins!

  6. if you are fast and pause the video at exactly 8:53; Tomas Larsens arm is just… broken, or at least, disjointed…

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