2015 PBA Viper Championship Finals

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Jakob Butturff faces Kim Bolleby in one semifinal match while Ryan Ciminelli battles Gary Faulkner, Jr. in the other. The winners bowl for the 2015 PBA Viper Championship.

Originally aired December 27, 2015 on ESPN from the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nevada.

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30 Comments on “2015 PBA Viper Championship Finals”

  1. My eye burn every time I watch Butturff bowl. Lol But he is a pretty decent bowler if you don’t watch his approach. 😆

    1. “pretty decent” lol. who cares how he throws the ball. all that matters is that he strikes, and he does that a lot. (this semifinals doesn’t really justify it)

  2. Ciminelli s left arm is lile double his right kinda funny I get keeping your arm strong bit looking disproportionate like thats kinda funny

  3. Did anyone goes back to Butturff’s 2019 matches and noticed how much weight he gained? I think what he is doing now is just bowling and eating

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