2015 PWBA Lincoln Open – Stepladder Finals

Watch the stepladder finals at the 2015 Professional Women's Bowling Association Lincoln Open featuring Amanda Greene, Shannon Pluhowsky, Kelly Kulick and Erin McCarthy.


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28 Comments on “2015 PWBA Lincoln Open – Stepladder Finals”

  1. I had the same thing happen to me: Vise Grip’s IT failed on me during league play. Thumb slug was damaged and I could no longer throw any ball with the system installed that night. Thankfully I only had it in two balls, cause I was trying it out. It shook me up as well and thankful I wasn’t injured. I decided at that point to not proceed with Vise Grips IT, or any interchangeable insert system for that matter, and just go back to regular thumb slugs.

  2. I would like to see the final videos show more shots from behind the bowler.  That way you can see the angle the bowler is playing as well as the ball reaction.  Frequently, the camera view changes as the bowler starts their approach.

  3. Diandra does very well in the announcing booth; I see another potential career in her future after her bowling days are over.

    1. Actually no, she does not do too well as any kind of public speaker due to her “vocal fry” tone which she choose to use. If you’re not sure of what that is, just search “vocal fry” on youtube here. It’s the same as if Kim K were to be speaking…. soooo annoying

    2. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a VERY good bowler…. it just sucks to high hell trying to listen to her speak

  4. Hate the jumping around with the camera. Show most of the first shots from the rear to better see the release, roll and revs. Very frustrating to watch.

    1. No budget for the women.Surprised they are still even around. In a year, I’m waiting for it to be on Twitch.tv

  5. I love watching Diandra. It was great to hear her announce but, I wish she was bowling in this one instead.

  6. Now Amanda Greene is in law school at West Virginia University, while still continuing with her bowling career!

  7. I remember I went to practice and my finger tip flew out of my ball I said it to my coach glad it happened in the practice not my team league tournament

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