2015 Team USA Trials – Stepladder finals and selections

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Watch the stepladder finals and the Team USA selections announcement at the 2015 United States Bowling Congress Team USA Trials.

Men's stepladder includes Kamron Doyle, AJ Chapman and Marshall Kent, while the women's stepladder includes Liz Johnson, Shannon Pluhowsky and Danielle McEwan.

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32 Comments on “2015 Team USA Trials – Stepladder finals and selections”

  1. why does everyone wipe their hands on the bottom of their shoes?  Is this a new thing?  This isn’t basketball!

    1. this isn’t basketball, but i think that the sole of our bowling shoes probably is as important as in basketball (or maybe even more important, tho i don’t know much about basketball so i can’t make that claim.) It helps to keep the sole consistent so that the slide on the last step doesn’t get slippery from all the dirt that might get on the sole and it would keep the bowler in a good position to make the shot.

    2. I am an experienced bowler, they do it for two reasons mostly. One is its a vital pre-shot routine that can help clear any debris on the bottom of the shoe that would impair sliding (everyone knows bowling alleys aren’t spotless). Two, just by walking around the bowler’s circle you can pick up dust on your soles and heels that can impair consistent sliding at the foul line. Lots of times dust in the bowler’s circle can cause me to slide too much so wiping the shoe gives me a little more stopping power.  

    1. They say its based on “resume” and performance at team trials. I can see how Barnes could be chosen over him in this way. But it just does not add up if you are going on resume and team trial performance why are both Johns  chosen over Loschetter. Both finished lower then him in trials and are you trying to tell me somehow they both have better bowling resumes then Loschetter?  

    2. Bc Barnes is Mr TEAM USA and needs to be there. Best Team USA bowler ever and all younger bowlers will learn from him. Vince Biondo should be on the team ahead Janowitz

    3. The winner of this goes to the World Cup.  Last year Chris won the world cup when he got there.  He should be an automatic entrant.

    4. nothing funny. When people think of team USA, it automatic in your brain you picture Chris Barnes (CaptAmerica), Tommy Jones (300 god), Bill o Neil (consistent). Jon Szcherbinski is making his name pretty consistent on team usa also he been dominating the lanes at team trials. Loschetter would prolly be second in line of deserving spot next to Mike Fagan. Mike Fagan only because hes been with Team USA many times and held his own there. Shout out to Sean Rash yeaaa woo fanboyy incoming.

  2. Its weird on the womens side why  Ashly Galante was passed over.  She was in 7th for this whole event an during the summer team trials she was in 3rd overall for that event. So In both events she bowled much better then people who bowled the exact same events, and somehow they were chosen ahead of her. It really makes me wonder about the selection process especially the “resume selection portion”, how much should ones history be allowed triumph over current events.

  3. Every year there are always great bowlers that get passed over, I guess the selection committee have their reasons!

  4. Is it just me or does Doyle take a ton of time for each shot. There’s preparation and routine, but then there’s just slow play. I think it’s the latter. Lucky there’s no shot clock for this

    1. +Joe Netzel 23 is the end of growing though lol Like you may grow a few more centimeters between 20 and 24 but not inches

  5. Considering kamron has a bowling alley IN HIS HOUSE he should be the best in the world at his age. But in my opinion he’s not the best 17 year old

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