2015 USBC Masters – Francois Lavoie 300 game

Francois Lavoie of Wichita, Kansas, shot the third 300 game of the 2015 United States Bowling Congress Masters.

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17 Comments on “2015 USBC Masters – Francois Lavoie 300 game”

    1. @OneRev Wonder dude I’m on your side LOL I’ve seen way more than a fair share of people not reacting to a 300 and I totally understand why. At the highest level 300s means a big jump up on the board and something you can work with, not something you’d be celebrating like it’s your first. Btw, I bowled my first 300 in a tournament and I was really happy but my body language was the same and composed cause I still had games to bowl and my friend was mad at me afterwards for not showing emotions LOL

    2. @OneRev Wonder P.S. a single 150 game at that high of level is enough to negate the 300, doesn’t take back to back 150s, probably more like 2 180s

    3. @ArsenalBowler This is true. But I guess if it’s at the U.S. Open, it’s not so bad, as +50 on that brutality is still like +950 anywhere else. lol 🙂

      I bowled in a local regional one time, and a buddy of mine tossed a 300 in game one on Viper, and still ended up minus for the block. I felt awful for him.  :/

    4. @OneRev Wonder haha +950 XD 
      I had a friend who in a tournament shot 279 and was over +100 for 2 games but ended up nearly -200 for the whole 12 games we felt pretty bad for her at the end lol :/

  1. No reaction for a 300 game?? I guess that’s what happen when you make too much 😉 My third one I couldn’t stop smiling!

  2. Francois is the future of the sport. He played for the University of Wichita and many great players both male and female had the pleasure of working with Gordon Vadakin and Mark Lewis.  

  3. When in competition at this level you show zero emotion and remain focused. You lose focus for 1 second against those players and you are out! Great game but 300s these days are a dime a dozen. Sport pattern or not.

  4. The first time in years I’ve seen a bowling center that still has the AMF Magic Score system it amazes me to see this still is in operation

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