2015 USBC Masters – Robert Smith 300 game

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Robert Smith of Moorpark, California, shot the fifth 300 game of the 2015 United States Bowling Congress Masters.

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22 Comments on “2015 USBC Masters – Robert Smith 300 game”

  1. I would love to see Maximum Bob on TV again. It’s been a while for him. By far the most fun guy to see on TV or in person

  2. Great to see one of my favorite bowlers get back into the game, I am hoping I see him on TV in the next couple of years.

  3. Great game Bob. I don’t care what anyone says, your Rev Rate is freakin’ amazing. What I would give to match that. OMG. I’m thinking “Devastation” should be your nickname.

  4. why he hasn’t won more I don’t know he’s a beast! Yea ya ya ha ha Godlike yea ya ya ha ha πŸ˜€

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