2015 USBC Masters – Squad B highlights

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Take a look at the different styles of bowlers on the B Squad at the 2015 United States Bowling Congress Masters, being held at the 60-lane Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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33 Comments on “2015 USBC Masters – Squad B highlights”

  1. All those strikes and hardly even a single smile. I realize it’s intense, but bowling and striking is fun, right?

    1. If you get to happy and emotional while bowling in a high level tourney, there’s a good chance you’re dead in the water

    2. +Mayoshix Lisa Bishop, a former pro on the women tour told me you should strike around 70% of the time. Of course that is what separates the bowlers from the pros.

    3. Tim Cerami i dont smile when i strike cuz im too used to it even when i need one i just feel really happy inside but not showing it

  2. 4:23 stu williams release is just awesome. so effortless. people always talk about the follow through, but his is abbreviated and still just as efficient, if not more.

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