2015 USBC Masters – Squad C highlights

Take a look at the different styles of bowlers on the Squad at the 2015 United States Bowling Congress Masters, being held at the 60-lane Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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27 Comments on “2015 USBC Masters – Squad C highlights”

    1. There are a lot of young people that I used to bowl with in Western MA and Northern CT in these videos. It feels weird to see them bowling here. 

    2. I bowl in the same center as norm,his son, jason couch, and randy peterson. He’s one hell of a bowler and can explain almost anything bowling related.

    3. @Logan Herman Yes, Clermont FL. They all bowl at the Clermont Bowling Center, you can google it if you like. Norm is by far the nicest out of all of them.

    4. Yeah, it’s mentioned all the time on the telecasts that Jason Couch, Norm Duke, and Randy Pedersen are all from Clermont.

  1. 1:25 is the form i want to have. Smooth but powerful, not too high of a backswing, yet very efficient and controlled.

  2. At 3:35 I thought ‘damn that’s wide, he’ll need a high rev rate to get that back!” then he turns around ‘Ahhhh I see’

    1. That’s Robert Smith, his rev rate is well over 650 iirc. Some say it’s over 700, which is beyond Jesper.

  3. The reckless approval of bowling equipment by the USBC has ruined bowling. Bowling establishments are closing at a rapid pace, yet the USBC continues headlong into the abyss.

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