2015 USBC Senior Masters – Stepladder Finals

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Watch the stepladder finals at the 2015 USBC Senior Masters featuring No. 1 seed Pete Weber, No. 2 seed Brian Voss, No. 3 seed Amleto Monacelli, No. 4 seed Rick Steelsmith and No. 5 seed Walter Ray Williams Jr.

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22 Comments on “2015 USBC Senior Masters – Stepladder Finals”

  1. Great show guys! Loved the camera work and switching…loved the no commercials…the only thing missing was an instant replay, but hey! You cannot have it all. Good job by the bowlers, and all in the technical and commentating crew!!

  2. Appreciate seeing  the USBC Senior Masters as we get ready for another fall league season. Thanks, access to seeing bowling without it being on TV so I could see how  they adjust with balls and angles to the pocket, Camera angles were are plus.

  3. Great match and coverage. The camera guy for the front view, It is got to difficult for the bowlers to get used to it…. Amletto’s ball release still intact when he played the PBA. He is definitely a bowler with an exceptional ball release and spin that we never get tired to watch.

  4. I love anyone who beat Pete, lol! Honestly, Amleto did a great job, stayed calm when behind and made great shots. Don’t know how he can still do that after all these years. If I ever bowled like him I would have torn up my arm in a few games!

  5. Would’ve been nice if they had mentioned how much each of the blowers won
    . I can’t believe they were only competing for the trophy.

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