2015 World Women’s Championships – Masters Medal Round

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Watch the Masters medal round at the 2015 World Bowling Women's Championships from Abu Dhabi, UAE. More info here:

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27 Comments on “2015 World Women’s Championships – Masters Medal Round”

  1. Thank you Lucas for your broadcasting , you will surely be missed . I wish you bunch of luck in your future endeavors!!

    1. +bser3973 it’s not war but it’s pretty serious to them especially the non-US countries where their governments put up money to send them to these events so they have to produce. Now that’s pressure. They are just super focused and they train that way also.

    2. To the American bowlers it’s the medal and prestige but, to the Koreans it’s also the fact that their government will give them $1000 a month for the rest of their lives depending on their performance.

  2. Gonna miss ya Lucas. You have a distinctive voice that was great for listening to the live casts. Good luck to whatever new ventures you have coming.

    1. @UnSubRocky That it what you said have said it then would have been a true statement! I guess your not a bowler or you would see their are many beautiful women who bowl.

    2. @Joey C The last time I did league in bowling was in 1997. I live in a town that has women who are anything from plain to very good looking. The bowling alley I played had a league of female bowlers who were anything from generally unattractive to slightly above average. Danielle McEwan puts all the bowling ladies I have met far behind on the scale of attractiveness. It is not a sexist comment for me to make about Danielle.

    3. @UnSubRocky That was not your original post “hot” you used a word that was defeating to all women. If one fines another attractive simply say she is a Beautiful women. As to those in your area beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Simply speak with respect to all persons it then shows you have intelligence as well as respect!

    4. I can dish out as well as I can take. If some woman would like to find me “cute”, then that is their right. I have been called a “fat bastard” by some, back when I was obese. 
      Paying a compliment to Danielle is something that I would not find offensive to any woman. I don’t think an anonymous posting about a woman’s appearance is really going to upset the balance of gender power in this world. 
      If you find it offensive, then the problem lies with you.

    5. @UnSubRocky​ No the problem lyes within you! Fact is if as you say all this has happened to you why then would you say anything that may offend any other?! It shows a Hugh lack of respect for yourself as well other’s. Just because another said or did something to you does not mean you do the same to another.

      Look up the word compliment it is to speak with respect of another. No one cares if you can as you say dish it out or take it, it speaks to your character which lacks greatly just from reading your last post. When one finds another Beautiful, Pretty, Handsome, Sexy, attractive those are words of respect not cute that is a childish and or Jr high school word.

      Fact the stupidity came from your mouth from start to this point so take is you have said you can. When you speak disrespectful of any other and I read it….it would not be due to being offended as I am a man, it will be due to the lack of intelligence and respect you show for another, then try to back paddle to say oh it’s alright. Trying to discriminate against, women, men, animal’s will not be acceptable by anyone who has a hint of common sense.

      It is clear your character is lacking, lonely and in need of an education. Live life if you would not say it those words to her then do not post them, if you would grow up! Thanks for laugh your page on youtube say it all😅😅😅😉

  3. The vicissitudes of match play insofar as the two highest scoring players in the semis don’t get to play each other in the final.

  4. I don’t get why the korean women will make a ugh sound when one of their bowlers throws a ball and they’ll do a little war chat? They’re women and not teenagers. I know it’s a team thing but really.

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