2015 World Women’s Championships – Singles Medal Round

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Watch the singles medal round at the 2015 World Bowling Women's Championships from Abu Dhabi, UAE. More info here:

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6 Comments on “2015 World Women’s Championships – Singles Medal Round”

  1. Watched the Medal Rounds at 12am eastern time and even though our Canadian Team failed to qualify, there I was! With today’s live streaming it was great to see the bowling up close; unfortunately they showed the attending spectators as well. Some family and friends had attended and that was it. My point, I wonder how those who make those important decisions expect the Olymic Committee to entice sponsors! No fans , no numbers and no Olymics!!!!!

  2. I must agree with Gus. While this facility is absolutely gorgeous, Where are All the people? Wrong venue for this sport? Maybe put in the same City as the WSOB this week? Has Bowling really died since the advent of computer gaming? I do not know the name or reputation of any of these finalists, so why should I care to watch other than myself being a bowling player/fan. Posted Asian bowling videos are in foreign languages, I only know English, so why would I watch foreign bowling videos to educate myself on the top foreign players.

    Sorry if it seems that I came here to whine and complain, but this (sport) needs something to revive it if at all possible.

    A couple of knowledgeable commentators is really needed to add a spark of Life to the video.  I do appreciate Lucas and his guest commentator(s), he does a good job with the resources he has at his disposal.

    1. +uh huh Oh that’s interesting. You’re right; where are all the ppl?? If I hadn’t read the title, i’d think it was a local house event. Maybe they didn’t put the word out there well enough. *shrugs* That’s not a sarcastic comment at all. Just curious. But thank you very much for streaming this and all of the events TSOB.

  3. Just my opinion but, I feel that since bowling has tried to go global, it’s not that interesting to watch televised bowling in America. I’m not interested in seeing bowlers from other countries. I’ve been watching bowling since it first came on television in the early 60’s but, I don’t hardly watch it anymore. The Singapore bowlers put me to sleep with their emotionless personalities. Also, I hardly ever see a Singapore or Colombian bowler shoot over 220. Anytime that they do beat an American is when the American bowler isn’t shooting their usual game and once again the scoring is low.

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