2015 World Women’s Championships – Team Medal Round

Watch team medal round at the 2015 World Bowling Women's Championships from Abu Dhabi, UAE. More info here:

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17 Comments on “2015 World Women’s Championships – Team Medal Round”

  1. Watched the Team medal round earlier and it was very exciting! Unfortunately our Team Canada did not make the qualifiers, scoring was much higher than expected in all of the events. What impressed me more ware the fans watching (a much better turn out then earlier in the week; it was the added excitement, cheering and competitive impart coming from competitors which cared over, from the fans and those watching on Live Stream. The extra, added on lane cameras really made a difference. Looking forward to the Masters, “there are no losers” each and every bowler performed to the best of their ability. To bad we are not going to be there in 2020!

  2. Also, a big farewell to Lucas for many years of fantastic bowling coverage. May your future be even brighter. Edit: I really can’t imagine a finer voice on bowltv. The other guys are good too. lol.

  3. Womens Bowling ‘ is what it is’..back and more exciting than ever. With the emergence of the two hand rollers I’m jumping in:-)

  4. Liz!!! So badass! Bowling anchor! The biggest stage! The final match! Against the defending champs! And nothing but ice water in her veins – what a performance! Maybe the greatest performance of all time from the greatest female bowler of all time.

  5. If I were coach of team USA, I would protest when these korean women do their little “war cry” while an American bowler is on the approach. That is total bs on their part. You don’t see team USA screaming while one of the koreans are bowling. I’m not sure but, it sounds like their screaming ,”I’M GAY!” AWWW! Isn’t that special.

    1. Actually, the women don’t even notice because they are so focused….How do I know?? Shannon O’Keefe is my daughter, and I asked her that exact thing 🙂

    2. Then you have a lot to be proud of sir. Shannon is one of our favorite bowlers. I love watching her win her matches and loved it when she won her first tournament. Even though she didn’t beat Diandra in the 2006 Womens Challenge, we’ll watch it over and over again to see her do her boy trapped in a dishwasher imitation. 🙂

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