2016-19 CP3 PBA Invitational Funny Moments

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Hands down the most legendary series of the entire channel makes its long-awaited comeback! A great video to kick off the off-season!

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35 Comments on “2016-19 CP3 PBA Invitational Funny Moments”

  1. Before you say anything, YES, I did put the 2017 T.O. Main Event in there, despite it not being a CP3 event to spice things up!

    1. You’re awesome, I loved the ANTHONY ANTHONY ANTHONY and the Trevor EXE stopped responding parts those were my favorite

  2. BP do a emotion vid next like bowlers emotion and commentators emotion i know you were working on it but maybe add some more to it

  3. 5:29 Fun Fact. They actually make high heel bowling shoes. I forget what bowling alley I was at, but about 12 or so years ago I actually saw them!! 🤣

    1. @Elias Niemelä because it was the mid 2000’s and bowling was becoming “stylish” and “modern” and “extreme”

    1. I’m not sure about the year…. But he threw it in the right gutter trying to spare the 2,4,8. He needed the spare to tie I think.

      A while later he made a video on his channel where he said that

  4. Just realised that some of the clips have been reused from the *”2019 PBA Funny Moments”* vid. Didn’t expect that to be honest, however it does save a lot of work.

    Smart thinking, Bowling Planet. 😊👍❤️🎳🎳❤️👍😊

    1. @DawgsDelight. It’s pretty much like Bolts, Nuts or any parts that are used for machines like Bowling Pinsetters.

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