2016 Barbasol PBA Players Championship Finals

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The 2016 Barbasol PBA Players Championship stepladder finals. Ryan Ciminelli, Graham Fach, Sam Cooley, Jesper Svensson and Norm Duke battle for the title.

Originally aired live on ESPN Sunday, February 21, 2016 from Wayne Webb's Columbus Bowl in Columbus, Ohio.

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27 Comments on “2016 Barbasol PBA Players Championship Finals”

  1. Was there, loved it, but I was incredibly uncomfortable because of how packed it was, had a good seat, then how to scoot over to the very edge of the bleacher. During the commercial breaks were really fun, they were throwing out hats and shirts, and they did trivia questions, me and my friend knew all the answers but they didn’t call on us.

    1. +Steveyboy52Productions I honestly think that was the best step ladder of all season and probably one of the best in the past 5 years

    1. +NCast46 The video can be uploaded in minutes. For the higher resolutions, that just takes time to process on YouTube’s end.

  2. The only player I sympathise for is Norm Duke… he’s worked his butt off 3 and a half decades trying to win this major. Wow.

  3. 17:47 “Down to one knee! 10-pin to its knees! Duke in the lead!”

    I’ve never seen Mike J so animated in the booth.

  4. This was a really good stepladder. Glad i rewatched this. Makes me want to get the Jackal LE really bad now haha.

    1. I agree John, Norm Duke IS a first class guy, I’ve always liked to watch him bowl when he makes the TV Finals, I just like Norm Duke period

    2. Kevin Rose I’ve always wondered why Norm’s spouse never attends these tournaments, I see his mom at most of his televised events

    3. Not anymore, he isn’t. And even three years ago, Norm would have told you that Belmo was the best bowler.

  5. Jesper needed to make a ball change because the urethane wasn’t working I would of made a ball change

  6. Where’s Security? There’s a nut with a sign showing a bible verse. He should be escorted outside.

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