2016 PBA Chameleon Championship Finals (WSOB VIII)

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The televised finals of the 2016 PBA Chameleon Championship feature Thomas Larsen, Patrick Dombrowski, AJ Johnson and Mitch Beasley. Originally aired on ESPN December 24, 2016.

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24 Comments on “2016 PBA Chameleon Championship Finals (WSOB VIII)”

  1. I like watching bowling and listening to skillet, perfect championship match here. Congrats to the winner, well deserved.

  2. Did Randy Pedersen reaaly say “This guy is cooler than the bottom of a polar bear’s feet”? LOL Where does he come up with this stuff?

  3. Here’s the kind of guy Mitch Beasley is:

    I cashed in a local tournament in Tennessee in October 2015, and worked my way to the title match, against Mitch.
    I had never finished that high in a tournament of any sort, and was confident yet nervous. We were playing 6th arrow, a line he would consider much closer to his A game than I ever would. I was using urethane and lofting the gutter, and my rev rate is around 280. In the 6th frame of game 1 (two-game pinfall) we experienced a ball return issue, so we sat and waited for about 5 minutes. During that time, I asked Mitch for some advice on how to play 6th arrow effectively, and he actually gave me some useful pointers. Then he proceeded to defeat me by 24 pins. He was an absolute gentleman, and is truly a scholar of the game. He’s the man, no doubt about it; I’m thrilled to see him win this title!

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