2016 PBA Xtra Frame South Point Las Vegas Open Stepladder Finals

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The stepladder finals of the 2016 PBA Xtra Frame South Point Las Vegas Open feature Jakob Butturff, Jesper Svensson, Tommy Jones, Bill O'Neill and Anthony Simonsen.

Originally aired live on Xtra Frame October 30, 2016.

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26 Comments on “2016 PBA Xtra Frame South Point Las Vegas Open Stepladder Finals”

  1. $10,000 first place money for a pba tour stop, absolutely disgusting. For years now there hasn’t been any money in professional bowling. How do all of these guys stay on tour bowling? Do they eat Ramen noodles and sleep in their car?

    1. can you explain to me what kind of innovations tennis has gone through since the 60s? i dont watch the sport but that sounds very interesting

    2. The introduction of high tech graphic rackets have allowed players to generate tremendous power and ball speed that simply was not possible in the 60’s and 70 and even the 80’s.
      This is similar to reactive bowling balls allowing players to throw the ball really fast and still get the ball to read the lane.
      The sport of Tennis has become a power game. The players that can hit the ball the hardest and the most accurately are the ones winning.
      And this is just like modern bowling, the power players, the ones with the most ball speed and revs such as Jason Belmonte are the ones winning.
      It really is crazy how hard they hit the ball today in modern tennis!
      But this totally changed the game of tennis.
      The finesse and fencing like quality of the tennis of the past is gone. Players no longer build a point, they just hit out and scream until they hit a winner.
      I stopped playing tennis once the graphite rackets came. I was able to hit the ball super hard too with these rackets, but it was just not the same.
      Eventually the vibration from these stiff graphite rackets damaged the tendons in my arm and my career was over.
      I can never play tennis again and my arm is permanently damaged, so any kind of vibration will trigger intense pain in my arm.
      Just as tennis was changed forever, bowling has been changed by modern reactive balls.
      In the past it was really, really hard to get a 300 game, now little kids are bowling 300 games.

    3. Nicholas Schneider…125k for the top guys? Pretty poor compared to other pro sports….also, wow, theres no crowd here!

  2. Robert Harvey love work and I would have time everything is really good Lord of my favorite things to do that Robert Harvey love work and I would

  3. I bowled league with Jakob last summer in Phoenix and when he finds his groove.. he doesn’t miss afterwards. Was fun bowling with him and a couple other pro’s while I was in Phoenix.

  4. I swear anthony got so freaken lucky with that strike in tenth frame. SMH.. that was not a well executed shot.. Would of loved to see svenson come back that game..

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