2016 PBA50 Fountain Valley Open Stepladder Finals

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Courtesy of Xtra Frame, here are the 2016 PBA50 Fountain Valley Open Stepladder Finals, featuring Parker Bohn III, Walter Ray Williams, Jr., Chris Warren, Amleto Monacelli and Sammy Ventura.

Originally aired live on Xtra Frame June 8, 2016 from Fountain Bowl in Fountain Valley, California.

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22 Comments on “2016 PBA50 Fountain Valley Open Stepladder Finals”

  1. Great to see, but a bit sad to see these kings of Sat. afternoon on national TV in the early 90’s relegated to a few thousand views on youtube. Not to mention the owners of Fountain Bowl used to own 4 centers around So. CA and this is the only one still in operation. It’s hard to want to bowl again seriously knowing it seems to be in such decline.

  2. heard how they call bowling not a sport. now I here this crap about League of Legends here going be in Olympics as e- sports  lol what ever that is  hahahha

  3. Walter Ray Williams Jr. 108 PBA titles! It would be interesting to know how many times he’s been doing first loser?

  4. In the first opening shot did Sammy stop and reset because of the turret on the pinsetter dropping pins in the rack or was it actually the audience?

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