2016 USBC Masters – C Squad Highlight Reel

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Highlights of the C squad during Day 3 of qualifying at the 2016 USBC Masters at Woodland Bowl in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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23 Comments on “2016 USBC Masters – C Squad Highlight Reel”

  1. 1:20
    I was thinking “Oh DAMN, he’s going to make that ball hook so damn much when he’s standing in the other lane and going to throw it over the gutter” LOL

    1. +Last Laugh Well for these bowlers it isn’t always ideal. They do struggle when tightening their angles because they always learned to play deeper. It also doesn’t help when have to do that because when you go down a weaker ball it will always have a different motion than the ball they had been using. Another reason they do this is because the ball they are using gives them the most room, when going to a weaker ball it will not get back from an outside shot especially if it is urethane. Anyways, they are pros and they did get to the point of where they are from bowling the way they do and all those other pros shouldn’t be too bothered with the 2 lane courtesy.

    2. +Last Laugh it’s not always a choice. I’m a lefty two-hander and with long oil patterns I’ve had two play in front of the ball machine. We do hate but sometimes it’s our only choice

  2. Does Shawn Maldonado understand that you have to be in balance at the foul line? Dude hops like a foot

    1. same thing with maldonado. i hate his form SOOO much as a two handed myself. it reminds me of kids i bowl with who just chuck the ball down the lane with no balance at all. they’re usually very inconsistent. gotta give maldonado respect for making it work though.

  3. you know that feeling, after you do a strike or whatever, when you have to turn around and look at your aging father right in his disappointed face? you think he’s looking at you, but as you move to your seat you realize its just a blank stare because he is lost in his thoughts, dreaming about what might of been if he had only pulled out and shot you onto your moms back? haha good times

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