2016 World Bowling Tour Finals

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The 2016 World Bowling Tour finals feature Martin Larsen, Anthony Simonsen, Marshall Kent, Danielle McEwan, Anggie Ramirez and Liz Johnson.

Originally aired live on ESPN February 26, 2017.

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30 Comments on “2016 World Bowling Tour Finals”

  1. This scoring system is for the mathematically impaired. Any record scores should have an asterisk.

    1. Steve Kerr yeah nothing can be official in this id think like Barrett’s 300 since usbc recognizes a 300 as 12 strikes

  2. PLEASE! No more WBT scoring! It takes away a lot that is special in bowling. Every strike and spare is independent and mutually exclusive with WBT scoring which kills the excitement. There isn’t a problem with normal scoring.

  3. Dumbing down the sport scoring won’t bring in any new people. And since when does anyone keep score manually these days unless you bowl duckpins or candlepins?

    1. spatrick1964 there not looking at brining in more bowlers, they’re trying to conform to the IOC to become an Olympic sport

  4. I’ve lost any respect for Pedersen after him trying to defend this stupid scoring system. If they ever bring this system to the bowling lanes, I will chuck all my equipment in the lake. I’m two minutes into it and I’m gone.

  5. Scoring this way makes no sense. Removes the skill in producing the follow-up shots after a spare/strike. Ridiculous.

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