2017 Barbasol PBA Players Championship Stepladder Finals

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The stepladder finals of the 2017 Barbasol PBA Players Championship feature Jason Belmonte, Anthony Simonsen, Martin Larsen, Connor Pickford and A.J. Chapman.

Originally aired live on ESPN Sunday, February 12, 2017 from Wayne Webb's Columbus Bowl in Columbus, Ohio.

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33 Comments on “2017 Barbasol PBA Players Championship Stepladder Finals”

  1. PBA, please give the MC thing a rest, I want to watch bowling and hear whats going on, not some dude yelling the same thing over and over on microphone…

    1. I agree. i’ts like they are trying to make bowling exciting. Bowling is exciting, if you are a bowler.

    1. thought i was the only one who thought that, he reminds me of the guy off of cloudy with a chance of meatballs the sardine mascot LMAO

  2. this was my first PBA event i attended. and let me tell you. it was awesome watching these guys. even met Belmo. He is such a great guy to have a conversation with. Go Banana Man!

  3. *Love him or hate him. Belmo is a champion for the ages. He always thanks his sponsors and thanks the people. He always says the right thing.*

  4. Jesus christ, fire that mc. BOWLING DOESNT NEED AN MC! BOWLING NEEDS DIE HARD FANS!!!!!!! This is ruining the enjoyment of bowling for all of the fans above age 5. Come on, 1,2,3, strike? What happened to strike music? Atleast the music was tolerable. Stop trying to control the crowds cheering, let them stay dead silent if they want to.

  5. At 14:56, he insinuated that the crowd cheered before his release. Nope, they did not. That is a cop out. He just made a bad shot.

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