2017 FireLake PBA Tournament of Champions Stepladder Finals

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The stepladder finals of the 2017 FireLake PBA Tournament of Champions feature EJ Tackett, Tommy Jones, Dom Barrett, Tom Smallwood and Pete Weber.

Originally aired live on ESPN Sunday, February 19, 2017.

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41 Comments on “2017 FireLake PBA Tournament of Champions Stepladder Finals”

    1. Colin Jaster – TJ lost more than EJ won. But that’s what happens when you play with urethane on the outside and are forced to go reactive when you screw up.

      He had no idea how the lanes played on the inside.

    2. Cerus98 don’t think TJ used any reactive, Wide right with Urethane then just flat pulled his spare shot with plastic spare ball… he definitely gave it to EJ, 2 times…

    3. yeah I was cheering for EJ even though I haven’t seen him bowl all that much
      I usually cheer for Pete, but he got eliminated early there
      thing is I live in a town literally right next to Huntington, so it’s good to see EJ showing them what us Hoosiers are made of,
      and my cousin was actually anchor for the Huntington high school girls team
      which both the girls and the boys for Huntington are absolutely amazing bowlers

    4. While I like watching EJ bowl I have to admit he acted pretty childish this time around which is odd. I haven’t really seen him break down like that before. He wasn’t nearly as composed as previous shows.

    1. Maybe this loss will make him realize it. Tommy had this in the bag, EJ knew it too. Tommy over corrected and still was fast. Easy to arm chair that shot however it was silly when he only needed a mark, I mean toss it right at the head pin and you would carry better than that.

    2. The irony of course was that TJ didn’t even need to strike out. Just a count would have done it. I feel really sorry for him; that would have been a well deserved and fabulous win.

    3. No he won’t. It’s more or less a habit of his and I think he knows it. In order for him TO address it, he would have to take a significant amount of time off and get re-wired. This is something he should have done in 2011 or so.

    4. I actually think EJ could had used the same track on the right, but slow that one down so it would come back in time. he was forcing himself to small chance to strike on the right by going left and have a weak acceleration off the dry and go through the nose

    1. He came from the bottom, I think he lost his job and took a bet on bowling, and what seem to be a miraculous stretch of luck, with his uncanny style, won a big tournament out of nowhere. Not like the rest of the pros that actually been working to do this since they were young. Tom;s hobby became his profession now

    2. Yeah, Smallwood is one of my favorite bowlers because of that. I’m attempting to do the same thing, with writing and speedrunning. Maybe bowling too, but I don’t think I’m good enough to make a decent living out of it.

    3. sagatbalrog screw you. Tom is an amazing bowler and an amazing person. Go do what he’s done all these years and then come talk to me

    4. @Justin Walsh ??? isint it the old generation that complains about non standard bowling styles?? Younger generation now going for thumbless or the style of daugherty and small wood

  1. I like EJ but he needs to control his emotions when things are not going his way. It was really unnerving and embarrassing how he lost it at the end of the match.

    1. He’s not even 25 yet, its common for younger bowlers to get mad. I’ve seen pro bowlers over a decade older than him rage just as much if not more. But yes he shouldn’t have raged like that at all.

    2. Oh my don’t act like you never did that before lol. People deal with this kind of stuff in different ways. At least he didn’t scream, punch or kick anything or even cursed. Get off your high horse and stfu

  2. Tommy: “Randy, I figured out that over the years my rev rate has gone down, so I realized that I need to slow my ball speed down”Randy: “okay, so what’s your game play going into today?”Tommy: “I’m gonna move right and throw it as hard as I can”

  3. EJ has a Jackal Ghost?? Nice!! I’ve been looking into that ball for quite as while now. Looks like a beast on the lane.

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