2017 Grand Casino Hotel & Resort PBA Oklahoma Open Stepladder Finals – Second Show

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The stepladder finals of the 2017 Grand Casino Hotel & Resort PBA Oklahoma Open feature Marshall Kent, Jason Belmonte, Rhino Page, Chris Barnes and Jesper Svensson. Originally aired live on ESPN July 2, 2017.

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27 Comments on “2017 Grand Casino Hotel & Resort PBA Oklahoma Open Stepladder Finals – Second Show”

    1. The officials and center manager have to see it and know; so why don’t they have this idiot removed?  Bowling and golf are two sports where the spectators are expected to conduct themselves with some semblance of regard for the players.  The moron sitting in the first row of the bleachers with their legs fully stretched out and swishing their feet as the bowler is setting up at 1:31:52 should have been booted out a while ago because they’ve done it a few times already.  Until professional bowlers start demanding the respect they deserve, they won’t get it because some of the people attending these events are too stupid and oikish to get it.  Worse yet, they probably don’t care and shouldn’t even attend to begin with.

    2. yea the dude in the hat moved there legs, than waved there hands, to time it with on chris’s push away.

    3. Very similar to what happened in the 2012 69th United States Open with the stupid 12 year olds and Pete Weber. Lucky that Barnes didn’t flip out on them.

  1. belmo did extremely well compare to others, even jesper. that show us how ‘pro’ really are being able to adapt to the lane. unfortunately barnes have played 3 games before and have adapted to the lanes.

  2. A bittersweet moment in the title match…disappointed that a spectator decide to cause trouble 🙁

  3. That one guy in the crowd haha
    “come on [BOWLER] COME ON GET THERE” every shot
    everyone else was so quiet

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