2017 L.L.Bean PBA League Quarterfinals – Atom Splitters vs. Styles, Lumberjacks vs. Muscle

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This 2017 L.L.Bean PBA League quarterfinals telecast features the Silver Lake Atom Splitters vs. Brooklyn Styles and Portland Lumberjacks vs. Motown Muscle.

From Bayside Bowl in Portland, Maine. Originally aired on ESPN April 30, 2017.

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26 Comments on “2017 L.L.Bean PBA League Quarterfinals – Atom Splitters vs. Styles, Lumberjacks vs. Muscle”

  1. Thank you for uploading! Great matches! Awesome how Walter Ray Williams still gets messengers! Is it just me, or did Maldonado throw his spare ball pretty slowly at 36:17?

  2. They really should keep the two match format but make it total pin fall. That would actually show which is the better team.

    1. Ray White It’d be a lot more exciting. If they somehow tie in the end, then they can go to a one ball roll off

  3. Man, I remember when I saw Jesper for the first time bowling in a Collegiate tournament (I don’t remember what year), the one thing that I remembered about him was that he was literally destroying the rack. I mean, he didn’t need messengers. Every pin went flying back all at the same time. The power he generates is unbelievable!!!!

  4. Ssvenson is such a beast! I’d be surprised if he isn’t the number one bowler at some point in his career for a long time

  5. Jesus… That turn around after the turkey by Wes, when the ball was half way down the lane was legit cold blooded.

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