2017 PBA Chameleon Championship Finals (WSOB IX)

The finals of the 2017 PBA Chameleon Championship feature Liz Johnson, Wes Malott, Anthony Pepe and Tom Smallwood.

Originally aired live on ESPN3 November 18, 2017 and again on ESPN December 17, 2017 from the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nevada.

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39 Comments on “2017 PBA Chameleon Championship Finals (WSOB IX)”

  1. Fantastic performance well played well judged Liz Johnson congratulations on your win. For be coming the second woman to ever win a PBA title. I am so proud of you. I always love watching you Bowl you are a great bowler to watch. Congrats congrats congrats.

    1. I think it’s an optional handicap- Danielle McEwan won a 2016 WBT/PBA title in Qatar but it didn’t qualify as a PBA title because she accepted an 8-pin handicap. Neither Liz nor Kelly did so they count.

    2. No one gets handicap in PBA events. The World Bowling Tour (WBT) operates a little differently than the PBA which is why Danielle McEwan’s 2016 win in Qatar doesn’t qualify as a PBA title. According to WBT rule 13.1 “In case of a mixed women and men division, women may be awarded between zero and eight pins per game handicap in all of the games played in the tournament as published in the tournament rules.” This means that the handicap wasn’t optional but was applicable to this particular WBT tournament. If you want more details on the WBT their website is: http://www.worldbowling.org/events-results/world-bowling-tour/

    1. one suggestion i have though. could you increase the bitrate of the recording because it seems like there is a little pixelation when the picture is busy

  2. Not to be argumentative, but Liz is one of the best ever, along with Marion Ladewig, Dotty Fothergill, and Kelly Kulick. I say they are all together.

    1. bgmnzz how is this argumebtative? There’s little question that Liz is one of the greatest women bowlers of all time. Somebody would be ridiculous to try and dispute that

    1. leappyfrog12 you COMPLETELY missed the point of his post. He’s saying he doesn’t care about the gender of the bowlers.

  3. Danke fürs hochladen. Bin echt froh sonst könnte ich keine Bowling videos mehr anschauen… Grüße aus Deutschland 🇩🇪 Thanks

  4. Wish the PBA would show ball speed and rev rate. Sorta like how baseball shows MPH of a pitch

    1. watch on Xtraframe.tv and they show the screen with the scores, including the ball speed. ESPN interviews are cringeworthy, I wish instead of putting some good looking woman behind the mic for show, have one of the hall of fame bowlers do the interviews…. I like when Kelly Kulick or Shannon O’keefe announce and do interviews… They actually know the sport and don’t ask dumb questions.

  5. Liz’s second ball in the 10th in the first game was amazing–like watching Michael Jordan burying a buzzer-beater.

  6. Liz used a pin down Sure-lock from the outside.
    She just wanted that ball to sit and roll smooth and easy with no surprises in the back.
    She knows well, why complicate the game when you can just stand right and lay it in the pocket all day?
    That’s why she is the champion she is.

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