2017 PBA World Championship Stepladder Finals

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The stepladder finals of the 2017 PBA World Championship feature Jesper Svensson, Jason Belmonte, Ryan Ciminelli, Kyle Troup and Matt Sanders.

Originally aired live on ESPN3 November 19, 2017 and again on ESPN December 31, 2017 from the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nevada.

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61 Comments on “2017 PBA World Championship Stepladder Finals”

  1. One of the most thrilling and action packed finals I’ve ever seen. This is quite possibly the greatest moment in Belmo’s career, good job to him.

  2. Decades in the future, Belmo’s name will be mentioned right along Earl Anthony, Walter Ray, Mike Aulby, and the other all time greats.

    1. TheVlad1616 I think he hit some extra carry down from sanders? Not sure what else it could be

    2. Dylan Goodnight you’re right. I noticed that too. He has a tendency to not get around it enough at times, usually when his follow through goes right instead of left

    1. High Rev Bowling Oh takes, I mean I stopped making videos, just more commenting on my page, but I will try.

  3. 1:11:20 That’s bowling, anything can happen. Lanes change out of nowhere and it won’t even matter if you throw a good shot…

    1. He talks about how he threw it a tiny bit right, i can only assume that by throwing it a little more right it picked up more oil being closer to the middle and took longer to cut due to that

    1. No, he added he added his logo to his app that logo isn’t just for his app you metal fungus

    2. The logo on the left on his chest is his logo, the one on the right is the logo for his app.

  4. So my 11 year old daughter just walked by, looked at my screen, and asked, “Why are you watching Bob Ross bowling?”

  5. Belmo is a prize fighter. We thought he went away. We sicked other 2 handers on him. Belmo just stood there and waited then unleashed ultimate pain to those who defy him.


    1. *3 majors this year
      *4 POY awards in 5 years
      *4 USBC masters wins in 5 years
      *9 majors in under a decade
      *Making more shows than anyone
      *Starting a revolution in bowling styles
      *Locked up a spot in the hall of fame.

      Don’t be biased, give credit where it’s due.

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