2017 U.S. Amateur Stepladder Finals

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The 2017 U.S. Amateur stepladder finals are taking place live on #BowlTV at Sunset Station in Henderson, Nevada.

The winner in the men's and women's division will earn a spot on Team USA in 2017.

Immediately following the championship match, Team USA and Junior Team USA 2017 will be announced.

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For full results, click here:

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18 Comments on “2017 U.S. Amateur Stepladder Finals”

  1. I am seeing a lot of bowlers these days wipe the bottom of their shoes with their hand. Is this some sort of fad or does it serve a purpose? Never seen it until recently.

    1. I have done it since i started bowling not because others do it. I like to make sure nothing is on my sole because people eat popcorn and crap and gets all over. It became habit to remove anything that could be on my sole which would mess with my slide. Only need to do a quick swipe and thats it, but people overdo it.

    2. you know what i dont get it. chris barnes does it with the same towel he uses to wipe the oil of his ball. call me stupid but wouldnt rubbing an oil soaked towel on your shoe be a BAD thing?

    3. No matter…. look at all the spitting going on at all the ball games and the players slide into bases with lungers on their hands!!! It sucks how stupid that is and disgusting… i would think about what is on the soles of my shoes before whipping them on to my hands!!

  2. Honestly, USBC channel… You want us to watch your videos of tournaments, BUT YOU POST PICTURES OF THE WINNERS, BEFORE I EVEN WATCH THE TOURNAMENT! Have you never heard of the term “spoiler alert”??? YOU SPOIL THE WHOLE VIDEO, WHEN YOU POST PICTURES OF THE WINNERS HOLDING THEIR TROPHIES! … HELLO???

  3. Russo and Badovinac slowest damn bowlers I’ve ever seen with their pre bowling routines, If they were on TV I’d have to turn it, fast forwarded here . It was the only way to survive watching these two Hunyucks

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