2017 USBC Senior Masters – Stepladder Final

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Watch the stepladder finals at the 2017 USBC Senior Masters at Sam's Town in Las Vegas.

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27 Comments on “2017 USBC Senior Masters – Stepladder Final”

    1. Agreed. I hope they’re reading this and don’t do this again. Appreciate the upload, but why ruin it?

    2. Exatcly. When i saw that i was really glad i saw it live. The spoiler would have pissed me off. It’s SO unnecessary

  1. why don’t you let us watch the show and see who wins instead of showing having a picture of Walter Ray holding the Trophy?????

  2. “Oh nice. The Senior Masters. Been waiting for this tournament finals. Can’t wa–”
    *Sees thumbnail picture*
    “Never mind.”

  3. When you used to be on television on ABC, and now you are relegated to YouTube, is your sport dying? Yup, and the powers that be are headed in the wrong direction.

  4. Don’t get me wrong, I really do appreciate you guys uploading the video. What in the world were you guys thinking with that thumbnail?!?

  5. Oh wow can’t wait to watch and see who wi-…. *oh wow looks like Walter cool sweet thank you for letting me watch the video to find out*

  6. its the USelessBC what do you expect,, Just look at our Dues vs Awards in past 10 yrs,, Enough said there 🙂 Just like the fast food market,, get half of the food or less for twice the price 😛 ,,
    Would you expect anything less from them

  7. Just scanned through for 2 minutes, thanks for the thumbnail. It’s the process not just the result that we’re after as bowling viewers

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