2018 Go Bowling! PWBA Challenge – Finals

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The finals of the $10,000 Go Bowling! PWBA Challenge. Featuring: Danielle McEwan, Shannon O'Keefe, Josie Barnes and Bryanna Cote. Air date: 6/24/2018.

Announcers: Emil Williams Jr. and Erin McCarthy

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23 Comments on “2018 Go Bowling! PWBA Challenge – Finals”

  1. I can relate to Erin what she said about her swing I learned a important lesson while doing leauges be your swing be your own game don’t try to change to be like other players it dosnt work I tried that the last 1 be you really important in bowl

  2. Thanks for this, that final round had to be one of the most intense matches I’ve ever watched, I wasn’t sure which of the two I wanted to win as they are both great bowlers!

    1. Totally agree…if you don’t have a 500 rev rate , you can learn more from watching the ladies

  3. What’s with all the arm flapping that today’s women bowlers do after they release the ball???

    1. Good exercise, fun to do with friends – you want money to make it interesting – go bowling and I am sure you will find someone to take your money – to make it interesting:)

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