2018 OceanView at Falmouth PBA League Quarterfinals 1 – L.A. vs. Motown, Brooklyn vs. Silver Lake

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The L.A. X face the Motown Muscle and the Brooklyn Styles battle the Silver Lake Atom Splitters in the quarterfinals of the 2018 OceanView at Falmouth PBA League. Originally aired on ESPN April 22, 2018 from Bayside Bowl in Portland, Maine.

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40 Comments on “2018 OceanView at Falmouth PBA League Quarterfinals 1 – L.A. vs. Motown, Brooklyn vs. Silver Lake”

  1. If i hear that burger and fries joke from randy one more time. Also, you can’t tell me at 43:40 that the guy yelling wasn’t on purpose lol.

  2. Shota is just amazing. Great person and insanely amazing bowler. You can see how fricken happy he is to be there.

    1. Yeah, he was really nervous there. Plus, all pros are around 96% or lower on converting 10 pins, so it’s not surprising that they miss once in a while. Walter Ray Williams has missed 2 in one match, Monacelli missed 2 in a match, Duke has missed several before, and countless others have missed.

    1. If Jacob had thrown a poor shot, I would totally agree, but he honestly couldn’t have thrown it any better! The ringing-10 (or 7 for lefties) is just a horrible break. I know from experience – it kept me from attaining my first 300 several years ago!

    1. My high score isn’t a 150 it’s a 193 and I could bowl with any kind of noise around me even school kids bowling beside me when I go practice dosnt even bother me we can’t control everything if fans shout it’s them only getting excited don’t get pissed about it because there is no point because the noise will always be there

    2. probably 193- on a house pattern. How do you do on sport shots?

      Good for you; you can block out noise during a league where noise is expected. Yes: We know that BoPo is famous for its rowdy atmosphere! This is not news and you are shocking no one with this. But at the same time, did you notice the entire match how quiet the crowd was when other bowlers were releasing the ball? Did you? Because I did, and I’m sure other viewers did too.

    3. In special Olympics they teach us not get pissed at someone who shouts your name at the approach it’s a west of time trying to yell at someone for yelling at you just get on with the game jee I’m allowed my opinion so are yous I disagree because I was though different

  3. The Motown muscle made a clean sweep when Jakob of the lax left the 7 pin on his second shot in the tenth frame

  4. After Butturf’s 7 pin, what happened that they had to cut the sound for a couple seconds? Did someone curse or something?

    1. Thanks… that makes sense. To be honest, I skip through a lot that’s not their shots, so I didn’t even notice that.

    2. I believed that Jacob might have cursed out of frustration that someone screamed on his approach and that could of caused him to lose his focus just a bit before he let go. Noise is encouraged but the fans should know when to be respectful, don’t go quiet and then scream before they are about to let go

  5. O’Grady performed great being in the anchor position for his first time in the league. He bowled with the all-time greats and struck when they needed him in the first game. If Brooklyn doesn’t protect O’Grady or get a good pick to bring him back, then whatever team he goes on is going to be deadly. It was too bad the rest of the team struggled but that’s the game.

  6. Love O’Grady. Call his confidence/cockiness what you will. He’s from the generation of juniors bowling in the mid-2000’s, the deepest the sports been imo. You had to pop that collar as they say. Ages 25-30, Tackett, Szerbinski, O’Grady, and Blanchard. These guys transcend the old and new generations and do it all ONE HANDED. Grady won the TOC this year after paying his dues.

    1. True, but Jacob threw a really good shot anyways. If that ringing 7 didn’t happen, that guy would be taking a massive L.

  7. I agree that person that yelled on Jacobs buttruffs approuch in the tenth frame should be kicked that is super desraspectful

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