2018 PBA Bear Open Stepladder Finals

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The stepladder finals of the 2018 PBA Bear Open feature Stu Williams, EJ Tackett, Kris Prather, Andrew Anderson and Richie Teece.

Originally webcast live on FloBowling October 18, 2018 from The Lanes at Coffee Creek in Owasso, Oklahoma.

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25 Comments on “2018 PBA Bear Open Stepladder Finals”

  1. I Love watching my hometown ball winning(Motiv home office Spring Lake Mi)I graduated from Spring Lake High School and started bowling in 4 or 5 grade at Idle Hour a 6 lane center/restaurant (before it burnt down) and bowled up tell my mid twenties at Star lite lanes. (200+avg)I bowled before Motiv balls were even conceived but love watching them win and EJ is gonna end up as one of the best of all time! Even if his winning slow down dramatically. Which I don’t see happening!

    1. crazy world. grew up in GH, bowled all over but Starlite I know well was sad to hear it closed for a fitness world. how sad.

  2. Flo is doing a wonderful job. Be nice if you can hear the shots hit the pins. That’s the only thing missing for me.

  3. How would people that paid to watch this event on Flobowling like seeing the guys standing in front of the camera on the phone? I thought this was a professionally done video. Guess not.

  4. This is terrible, you can’t hear the game at all. Its pointless to watch this all you hear is the commentary.

  5. if any one at flow bowling ever watch the prodigy bowling tour on you tube the camera and audio guys should check it out there is no way I would pay money to watch these shows that I have seen so far on flo bowling

  6. Those banners hanging down into the view of the lanes are INCREDIBLY distracting. I guess that’s why they’re pros and I gutter my 7s.

  7. You really need to improve your commentary’s real time analysis. Or am I the only one that noticed Pranther and Tackett only missed on the right lane (until the roll off). Also, where are the replays we want? Hello? Clutch messenger?

  8. I don’t mind talking before and after the shot, but at least let the entirety of the ball on the lane until after it hits the pins to be silent from the commentators.

  9. Flo bowling did okay but really no audio or replays it pretty crappy and not what it used to be back then it was better

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