2018 PWBA East Hartford Open – Round of 32

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Round of 32 action from the 2018 PWBA East Hartford Open from Hall of Fame Silver Lanes in East Hartford, Connecticut. Air date: 6/2/18

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3 Comments on “2018 PWBA East Hartford Open – Round of 32”

  1. Lindsey Boomershine is one of my fav bowlers as far as style, but I don’t like the hair. Love the cut but the color looks like my Yorkie!

  2. I was doing some scorekeeping down at the far left of the house (21-28) and saw some great games over there. Brittany Frament in her first tournament ever had some great games, She’s someone who really impressed, making the 32 cut and then going up a few positions. I was Hoping Rocio would make the top 12 as well as Sandra.

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