2018 PWBA Greater Harrisburg Open Stepladder Finals

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The stepladder finals of the PWBA Greater Harrisburg Open from ABC West Lanes in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Featuring: Bryanna Cote, Shannon O'Keefe, Lindsay Boomershine and Jordan Richard.
Air date: 6/16/2018

Announcers: Aaron Smith and Carolyn Dorin-Ballard

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28 Comments on “2018 PWBA Greater Harrisburg Open Stepladder Finals”

  1. Those lanes look tough unlike Shannon to miss the 3 6 10 spare and the other player missing a 10 pin

    1. Aine Lawler Seriously, if Shannon has a tough time with the lanes then you know they are tough. Shes made almost all of the step ladders so far this year and won it all last year.

    2. Jay Ayers I know that am nothing against Shannon I love Shannon am just not use to seen low games in a pwba match that’s all Shannon in my opinion is gonna win player of the year

  2. Congrad to Chris Warren it’s good to see him win. Norm you are a true champion and a very good sportsman.

  3. Why are there always a decent amount of dislikes on bowling videos? Can’t you all be grateful that people upload these for you? Is it because they are disappointed that their player didn’t win? Stop being douches.

    1. There are trolls all over the internet who dislike things and post mean comments for no good reason, kind of comes with the territory. 137 likes to 6 dislikes is a pretty good ratio though!

  4. 150:157 at least one match at eye level; but how horrible! why doesn’t anyone turn off the light?

  5. I hope they show their arsenal, on the top four finalist when they bowl. Like the PBA. I want to get an idea on the latest bowling bowls.  Kings.

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