2018 PWBA Las Vegas Open – Round of 12

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Round of 12 at the 2018 PWBA Las Vegas Open from the South Point Bowling Plaza in Las Vegas, Nevada. Air date: 4/28/2018.

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14 Comments on “2018 PWBA Las Vegas Open – Round of 12”

    1. video was streaming either before audio was setup, or before the commentators themselves had shown up to the desk, and it was just practice rounds

  1. two things, why does the PBA dress the lanes with blue oil and nobody else does? the other is, the PWBA and the PBA work very hard to win, so why not have better trophies than the dime store looking ones?

  2. Shannon’s right arm flapping drives me nuts. I know about follow through, but that’s taking it a little too far.

  3. I’ve always liked Shannon O’Keefe. Notice how she was the only bowler to congratulate the four top players. She stopped putting her gear away to hug them before they left. 2:39:22. Class act.

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