2018 PWBA Tour Championship – Match 1 and 2

Watch the opening rounds of matches at the season-ending PWBA Tour Championship LIVE on #BowlTV! Match 1 will feature (9) Josie Barnes against (12) Kelly Kulick, while Match 2 will have (5) Liz Kuhlkin take on (16) Lindsay Boomershine at Richmond Raceway in Richmond, Virginia.

Announcers: Emil Williams Jr., Aaron Smith and Stefanie Johnson

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10 Comments on “2018 PWBA Tour Championship – Match 1 and 2”

  1. I gotta be honest. I have know idea how Lindsey boomershine even makes any show. Every time I see her bowl on camera, she does terrible and throws a different shot every frame.

  2. Match 1:

    Kelly Kulick: 221
    Josie Barnes: 179

    Josie Barnes: 224
    Kelly Kulick: 219

    Kelly Kulick: 223
    Josie Barnes: 193

    Josie Barnes: 186
    Kelly Kulick: 170

    Kelly Kulick: 256
    Josie Barnes: 173

    Kulick Advances!

  3. Match 2:

    Liz Kuhlkin: 225
    Lindsay Boomershine: 178

    Liz Kuhlkin: 187
    Lindsay Boomershine: 160

    Lindsay Boomershine: 208
    Liz Kuhlkin: 181

    Lindsay Boomershine: 254
    Liz Kuhlkin: 203

    Liz Kuhlkin: 202
    Lindsay Boomershine: 189

    Kuhlkin Advances!

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